People analytics are business analytics

Guanyin pulls directly from where day-to-day work happens to create actionable insights that make companies more strategic about how they manage their workforce and their business.

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All your data in one place

Your most important data is created in the day-to-day work your employees do, locked away from traditional performance management or business analytics tools.

Guanyin brings answers together from across the tools you use to get work done, helping you and your team make faster and more informed decisions about your organization.

  • Unified business metrics
  • Insights from multiple data sources in one place
  • Easy integrations with the products you already use

Your results, backed by actual numbers

You think your strategy is making a positive impact on the business, but you don’t have the metrics to prove it.

Guanyin's dashboards and reports enable you to monitor and measure workforce changes with more depth and accuracy than qualitative surveys alone.

  • Monitor progress on your strategic initiatives
  • Project future headcount
  • Benchmarks relevant to your cohort

Seamless Integrations

We integrate instantly with your existing tools.